Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Brush of Winged Things

One morning the sun

will in drenched golden

rays rise to a bright

sparkling calm the air

perfumed in clarity as

the winged things

softly ride the current

of serenity dipping only

to brush the cheeks of

upturned faces burnished

with hope fulfilled

peace for all at last


  1. Oh how I wish this were true, Peace at last.

  2. Beautiful words... your poetry is wonderful!

  3. Thank you Rj and Marinela, much appreciate your kind words....Your respective sites are bioth wonderfully done. I need to remodel this one at some point! Marinela enchanted by the notebook formatting. If you are not following this site let me invite you to do so. Again, I am honored my your visit and comments. Spread the word.....