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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Ah Mother's Day

Ah Mother's Day..

filled with spectral 
color, depth and 
dimensions of all
the beating heart 
can bear, memory
of first cries - and
satin skin - of tears
of joy and anguish
of parchment good-
byes and joyous
hellos -of heinous
heartbreak and
inexpressible joy
Ah Mother's Day...
when the Great
Mother Earth her-
self sighs and
sends crashing
seas and gentle
rains to flourish
power, passion
and love beyond
measure or
replication -
Ah Mother's Day..
for all those who
emerged from womb
or entered a welcome
room - for those who
now sparkle in the
whisper of the wind
to those whose power
stirs conflict and heart-
ache ...cry silver tears
Ah Mother's Day...
may all find the
sparkle of love in the
gift of life and for those
fortunate enough to
attach joy to a particular
mother ... be she in your
arms or ensconced in the
mystic magical memory
of your heart
because of
or inspite of
the dance of life

Ahhhhh..... Mother's Day.....

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