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Wednesday, December 3, 2014



There are shoes that come untied
As you are crossing the finish line
Tumbles and mishaps falls and spills
Jealousies, envies,cries of this is mine
There are word problems with letters
Or numbers jumbled whirling all about
There are sureties that with an eyebrow raised
Turn a stomach flip-flopped with sudden doubt
There are grim faced doctors opening doors
As you sit chilled with fright in a paper gown
There are those you thought you trusted who
Cavalierly- just as you need them – let you down
Knots that tie your mind, start your head to ache
Betrayals personal and streaming to the Universal  
Chests pressed with boulders until hearts begin to break
There are those that scamper by catastrophe without a single pause
Until they are effected personally and then take up screeching cause
From shoe laces tripping at an awkward time, to the dying of the planet
Difficulties on parade in all shapes, sizes, consequence and fame. Humans
rise, fall, overcome, ignore, pray, reframe, laugh, repress, stumble persevere
around, up, over, and through. The wise ones knowing it is all a simple game  

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