Monday, July 6, 2015

This quiet time of perfect balance

This quiet time of perfect balance 

Yesterday I sat up high in the trees 
light filagreed lace on velvet cheeks  
baby at breast - a breeze ruffled my
hair across his face -  I moved it -
watched the soaring swooping of 
swallows - an emerald city dream
mountains reclined to hills curved
-womanly - circling the harbor as
a mother of the universe curled hip
swelled protecting the sparkling - 
and I - sat yesterday- up high in the
trees and inhaled it all each particle
of my being with my baby too new
to be yet separate from me-glorious
this quiet time of perfect balance -
this yesterday that has never faded
in the light filagreed lace of years


  1. Oh, "the light filagreed lace of years" -- such a beautiful reflection, this...