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Friday, July 25, 2014

Light the light

clarita @

Light the light

they sang long ago
in some far off place
the air humid and
heavy with the scent
of frangipani and sex
a bottle of wine on the
floor between them as
they leaned and sang
collected together as
bright spring flowers
tossed onto an endless
ribbon of ever brighter



  1. Oh that endless ribbon of ever brighter. Once, I lived there!

  2. From "long ago" and "far off" through "spring" to "ever brighter tomorrows"... To me, this is a prayer poem. beautiful!

  3. Wow... so much feeling! I'd love to experience this! Thank you for participating in the prompt! I love it!

  4. From “long ago” and “far off” through “spring” to “ever brighter tomorrows”… To me, this is a prayer poem. beautiful, Pearl!