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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Stun Run

Stun Run 

I run - through broken time,
through this slippery shock
as the chain of legacy snaps.
I run - through broken time,
blind-sided, breathless - run
through sweet grass - runner
with a shard in her shoe a lock
on backwards, onwards doors -
I run - through broken time,
pierce the screen of never - into
Yes. Now – Heart jagged sliced with
a razored tongue tone-honed into in –
Different difference - I run - through
broken time, poignantly, pathetically,
gathering the shimmering shards of
yesterday - As though they could be
restored – I run through broken time –
back to when, then, I walked through
time, heart whole, head high, smiling  
certain, that only more of the same a-
waited over a trusted, beloved horizon...
and now, in the flickering light- I let the
shards fall where they may and 
rest, letting time 
run, as it always
has - on its own. 

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