Sunday, June 4, 2017

"look for the helpers"

as the departed but always present Mr. Rogers said... 

“look for the helpers”

some will say such is a sign of a soul
that will spare no cost to tear the
fabric of freedom forever –
some will say that terror is a gift of
love toughest that will lift all nations
to rise to their better selves …
I say that despite the fierce or flighty
Despite the deeds that dismay, taunt or
Terrify –it is the mercy of morality that
Shall always open the jar that holds the
firefly to soar sparkling – and thus bind
all wounds despite origin of infliction.

photo by 
The Sunday Whirl


  1. It is so sad that humans are on a killing spree, sparing no one, not even their own kind.

  2. May the firefly soar sparkling, indeed, and not flop and fizzle.

  3. Thank you for bring positive thought in the midst of chaos.

  4. Yes! We need more helpers, more healers, mor-ality. Mercy. Well penned, Pearl. <3

  5. I think we have no other choice, do we?

  6. I was just thinking this morning, that no matter how much someone who shall not be named promotes division and hatred, the more people rise up in support of each other and social justice. And the more he denies global warming, the more other countries, and states and cities in the US increase their efforts to address global warming in response. It is a strange way to govern, inciting people to do the opposite of what he endorses........but the people, by and large, know what's right.

  7. I do think in these troubled times we DO have to look for the helpers. Seems that many of the world's most important helpers are located in countries that are not ours! We must encourage them to stay strong, that we are on their side...and resisting the best we can!

  8. Beautiful.. especially love; "it is the mercy of morality that shall always open the jar that holds the firefly to soar sparkling.."

  9. Oh, I love this....that reminder of perspective..."look for the helpers"--to see the ways the firefly soars sparkling and that the wounds are bound rather than looking for those who harm. Lovely :-)

  10. It is a peculiarity of the human race to perpetually show bouts of inhumanity to each other. I can understand fighting over a mate but fighting over the world we live in to hasten its destruction. Sadly the rulers of nations have no desire to rise to their better selves.

  11. I can see that gorgeous firefly...wonderful, Pearl.

  12. I hope there are always helpers..and light

  13. Pearl, I have misplaced your email address. Would you please email me at I have a question........

  14. '"it is the mercy of morality that shall always open the jar that holds the firefly to soar sparkling.." - Just gorgeous, Pearl. May fireflies be our light out of this darkness.